Thursday, October 2, 2014

Watch the trailer for the new indie film "Honeyspider"

To relaunch my long neglected Vampire Coffee House, I wanted to share the trailer for the new film "Honeyspider," which will premier at The Gem Theater in Kannapolis, NC where part of the movie was filmed. The independent film is the creation of NC-based writer/producer Kenny Caperton and Ohio-based director/producer Josh Hasty.

The movie is about Halloween birthday girl Jackie Blue (Mariah Brown). It's set in 1989 and instead of really celebrating college student Jackie is coming unglued as a mysterious stranger watches from afar.

I found out about it because I've long wanted to write about Caperton's Myers House, the replica of the original house from "Halloween" he and his wife Emily built in Hillsborough, NC. Check it out here. Since the movie is premiering in Kannapolis (Caperton frequented the Gem Theater while living in China Grove in high school), I not only get to write about it for my regular job I get to see it on opening night as part of a double feature with "Night of the Living Dead."

I haven't been this excited about a semi-local release since Charlotte's Jason Griscom did "Come Get Some" over a decade ago.

"Honeyspider" will also screen November 1 at the Raleigh Rd. Drive-In in Henderson. That's also a double feature and its paired with the original "House on Haunted Hill" (which I think scared the bejesus out of my mother in the theater) as well as on Halloween at the Murphy Theater in Wilmington, Ohio.

So check out the trailer and, if you're in the area, go see the movie. Opening night is only $5 and what's more fun than homegrown horror?